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Encouraging the creation of music in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Categories: Rock/Pop/Chanson, classical music, jazz, world music

Regions: All regions

Purpose: Since 1989, FONDATION SUISA has been supporting contemporary Swiss music making in all its diversity. This also applies analogously to projects relating to music making in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

FONDATION SUISA is a not-for-profit foundation that receives its financial resources through an annual allocation of 2.5% of SUISA’s revenue from performance and broadcasting rights in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

In order to fulfil its purpose, the Foundation may, in particular, in the absence of a commercial interest on the part of third parties:

● financially support projects by authors and/or performers;
● financially strengthen the publishing activities of Swiss and Liechtenstein music publishers that directly or indirectly promote the music making of the authors;
● promote the music of Swiss and Liechtenstein authors in Switzerland and abroad, including by providing information of a general nature and publishing information carriers which focus on the topic of production costs.

Promotion focuses: One of the main tasks of FONDATION SUISA is the financial support of musical projects.

In addition to active funding (own projects, partnerships, presence abroad), direct support for applications related to today’s Swiss music-making is an important part of the foundation’s mission. All dossiers submitted are examined and assessed by the Artistic Committee.

Exclusion criteria: See "Funding regulations" under:

Applications: Applications are only accepted online via the following link:

Submission date: Application dossiers must be submitted at least three months before the start of the project.

Telephone: +41 21 61 35 060

Av. du Grammont 11bis
CH-1007 Lausanne