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UBS Culture Foundation

Support of Cultural, Artistic, and Scientific Work

Categories: architecture, classical music, film, literature, visual arts

Regions: All regions

Purpose: We are committed to the free exchange of ideas between artists, scholars and society and to the diversity of cultural expression; in particular, we encourage and promote artistic and cultural creativity and the mediation of artistic and cultural achievements.

Within this framework UBS Culture Foundation supports professional artists and scholars of Swiss nationality, foreign artists and scholars with permanent residence in Switzerland, cultural projects that bear clear reference to Switzerland as well as the acquisition of objects of eminent cultural or art historical significance by museums.

Aims: On the basis of its stipulated purpose UBS Culture Foundation follows a practice of promotion and support that is independent of, but complementary to, public and private funding in the field of arts and culture. We take into account the different fields of art and culture as well as Switzerland’s different language areas; we not only support the conservation of existing cultural achievements but notably also promote the innovation of art and culture in all its forms. Against this background the foundation first and foremost allocates the means at its disposal to those areas "where others are not in a position to support artistic and cultural creativity" (statutes, UBS Culture Foundation 1999).

Promotion focuses: (each field has individually defined criteria)

Visual Arts
• The creative work of contemporary artists
• Art museums in the acquisition of significant works in terms of artistic quality, art historical relevance and public potential

Heritage Conservation & Archaeology
• Conservation and restoration of heritage buildings that are open to the public
• Scientific research and the mediation of knowledge in the field of "heritage conservation, architecture and archaeology"

• Production of professional documentaries for cinema viewing

• Ongoing work of contemporary authors as well as translation projects
• Projects and approaches that display an innovative profile and develop a sustained public impact

• Work and ongoing projects of contemporary composers who are recognized beyond the local and regional area
• Commissioned compositions for concert programs by professional instrumental and vocal ensembles with a focus on New Music
• Rendering of first performances of contemporary works that bear close reference to Switzerland in the context of musical programs

Humanities & Cultural Sciences
• Projects on the cultural history of Switzerland and projects that deal with philosophical issues
• Projects with a trans-disciplinary and cultural-scientific profile focusing on the past and present in Switzerland
• Mediation of scientific knowledge bearing relevance to today’s society
• Cultural historical museums in the acquisition of significant works in terms of cultural historical relevance

Exclusion criteria: Restrictions / We do not support (valid for all fields):
• applicants who are not of Swiss nationality or do not have permanent residence in Switzerland or, at least, a close relationship to the country
• projects being supported by other agencies of the founder company – e.g. through sponsoring
• applicants in education or advanced training
• applicants engaged in diploma projects, dissertations or school projects
• projects seeking subsidy to cover operating costs or to substitute public funding

Please take note that for each field there are further selection criteria (see webpage)

Applications: Requests: We appreciate a telephone call in advance to see whether your request meets our criteria

Telephone: +41 44 23 43 606

UBS Culture Foundation
Augustinerhof 1
CH-8098 Zürich